Samantha Bee Blames Media For Hillary Clinton “Resting F**k The Press Face”

Hillary Clinton
Associated Press

On her Election Eve edition of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee probed why a critical mass of Americans finds a normal center-left policy nerd less likable than a “vindictive p*ssy-grabbing hate-Zamboni who jokes about killing his enemies.”

If you don’t like Clinton’s fake politician robot demeanor, Bee explained that America has no one to blame but itself.

“We created her by slowly tearing down a bad*ss feminist named Hillary Rodham” who “started adult life fierce as f*ck,” Bee said, saltily.

After graduating Yale law school, Rodham pondered whether to have a political career in Washington or “save this hillbilly from his own wandering d*ck for the next couple decades.” That would be Bill.

When her husband lost an early political race in Arkansas, the press blamed Hillary, Bee reminded, noting she “looked different” and insisted on using her name, instead of taking her husband’s. Even as recently as 1992, ABC’s Primetime Live still was asking her if keeping her maiden name had cost her husband that state election. “And that’s where Hillary learned her Resting F*ck The Press Face.”

With regard to Clinton’s husband, Bee advised:  Just say the word in January and Loretta Lynch can serve that cheating son of a bitch divorce papers while Tim Kaine changes the locks on the White House door.”

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