Electoral College Tally: Most States Called As Donald Trump Wins Presidency


UPDATED, 11:15 AM November 15: Americans have elected Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, and TV news divisions remain busy reporting the late results and the fallout. There still are a few states left to be called officially, but Fox News, CNN, NBC News, ABC News and CBS News all have Trump over the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House. We will update this post with any additional states called by the five nets in the morning.

There are 538 Electoral College votes up for grabs, and the former Apprentice star can start taking measurements in the West Wing.

Electoral College tally (as of November 15):
Trump, 290; Clinton, 228 (NBC News)
Trump, 290; Clinton, 232 (Fox News)
Trump, 290; Clinton, 232 (CNN)
Trump, 290; Clinton, 232 (ABC News)
Trump, 289; Clinton, 232 (CBS News)

CALLED STATES (with number of electoral votes; all networks calling except where noted)
New Hampshire: Clinton (4; CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox News only)
Arizona: Trump (11)
Minnesota: Clinton (10)
Alaska: Trump (3)
Clinton (4; three electoral votes for Clinton, one for Trump)
Wisconsin: Trump (10)
Pennsylvania: Trump (20)
Utah: Trump (6)
Nevada: Clinton (6)
Iowa: Trump (6)
Georgia: Trump (16)
Florida: Trump (29)
Oregon: Clinton (7)
Washington: Clinton (12)
North Carolina: Trump (15)
Hawaii: Clinton (4)
California: Clinton (55)
Colorado: Clinton (3)
Idaho: Trump (4)
Virginia: Clinton (3)
: Trump (18)
Trump (10)
New Mexico: 
Clinton (3)
Trump (3)
Louisiana: Trump (8)
Connecticut: Clinton (7)
New York: Clinton (29)
Arkansas: Trump (6)
Kansas: Trump (6)
Nebraska: Trump (5; four electoral votes for Trump and one for Clinton)
Wyoming: Trump (3)
North Dakota: Trump (3)
South Dakota: Trump (3)
Texas: Trump (38)
Tennessee: Trump (11)
: Clinton (11)
Mississippi: Trump (6)
Illinois: Clinton (20)
Washington, D.C.: Clinton (3)
New Jersey: Clinton (14)
Clinton (10)
Oklahoma: Trump (7)
Alabama: Trump (9)
Rhode Island: Clinton (4)
Delaware: Clinton (3)
South Carolina: Trump (9)
West Virginia: Trump (5)
Vermont: Clinton (3)
Indiana: Trump (11)
Kentucky: Trump (8)

STATES STILL IN PLAY (not called by all five networks)
New Hampshire 
Michigan (16)

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