Jon Stewart Blasts Donald Trump On Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Eve ‘Late Show’


UPDATED with video: Jon Stewart, and an orphan ragamuffin, joined Stephen Colbert on his live election-eve Late Show, for a production number about the importance of voting on Election Day, and not for Donald Trump.

Delivering his opening monologue, Colbert hears crying coming from his studio audience. “It’s an adorable little street urchin!” he says. “Why are you crying? I ask out of genuine concern, not because it’s a live show and I’m furious.”

“I am just an orphan ragamuffin. I’m cold and have no coat,

And when it comes to ballot stuffing I’m too scared to vote,” she begins to sing.

Colbert assures her voting is not scary, singing:

“Voting gives a voice, to people one and all

From the richest robber baron, to the lowliest dirtball.”

About then, Jon Stewart enters stage right, dressed in sponge bag trousers, morning jacket, waistcoat, red tie, top hat, and spats. He’s apparently Mayor of Candytown, because he’s s got toffee in his pants. He sings a song about maybe not voting. That makes him thirsty. He asks Colbert who is running for POTUS. You know where this is going, having seen this water-spitting cross-talk act last time Stewart appeared on Late Show. Still, it never gets old, right?

“Are you serious? That angry tax-and-draft dodging little orange groundhog is running for president?” Stewart rants, upon hearing Trump is the GOP candidate.

Ragamuffin Orphan, getting back to her point, thinks she’ll still sit out the vote part, singing:

“It’s not my fault that the system gave us two unsavory folks.

If they shared my values, I’d be first in line to vote.

But in civil oligarchy, we don’t have a real choice

How can I change a system,that won’t listen to my voice?”

“That is an unbelievably contrarian think piece,” Stewart compliments her, adding, “I want you to write for Slate.”

Then Stewart begins to perform Yentl. Colbert says there’s no time for Yentl. Stewart says there is always time for Yentl. Orphan Ragamuffin drags them back to the point at hand, which continues to be that she’s going to sit out Election Day.

Hamilton’s Javier Muñoz rushes the stage, to rap sternly that,  “history has its eyes on you.” He bows out quickly, because it’s way past his bedtime and he’s got a matinee the next day. Stewart wraps things up with more choice words about Trump.

Stevie Wonder stops by to tout Hillary Clinton and sing one of his oldies.

Then Late Show cuts to commercial break. What we saw was the two-minute “Donald Trump’s Argument For America”  campaign-closing ad – the one Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) has called “something of a German shepherd whistle,” and the Anti-Defamation League has said conjures “painful stereotypes and baseless conspiracy theories,” adding, “Whether intentional or not, the images and rhetoric in this ad touch on subjects that anti-Semites have used for ages… This needs to stop.”

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