Robert De Niro At Hollywood Film Awards: Vote Hillary “To Prevent Tuesday From Turning Into Tragedy”

By Pete Hammond, Ross A. Lincoln

Robert De Niro
Brigitte Lacombe

Shocker: Robert De Niro really doesn’t want Donald Trump to win his bid for the Presidency of the United States. He’s made that clear several times throughout the 2016 election season, and as it happens he did so again tonight during the Hollywood Film Awards. The Oscar-winner was on hand to accept the Hollywood Comedy Award for his work in the upcoming Taylor Hackford-directed dramedy The Comedian, and used his acceptance speech as a last opportunity before the election to stump for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“We are here to celebrate the movies of Hollywood and nobody throws a party better than Carlos de Abreu and the Hollywood film awards,” De Niro said before pivoting to the election. “But the shadow of politics is hanging over us more than anything else and it’s hard to think of anything else. we have the opportunity to prevent Tuesday from turning into a tragedy. So vote for Hillary Clinton.”

It’s a softer and far less hilarious message than the one De Niro sent last month, when he went viral for admitting in a video that he wants – metaphorically – to sock Donald Trump in the face. Watch it here.

Naturally, De Niro’s pitch for Clinton got great reaction from the audience, who gave him extended applause as he exited the stage. Immediately after, Host James Cordon, who started the night joking that the HFA are a lot like the Trump campaign “except these awards really are rigged”, came back onstage to poll the audience. “Show your hands if you’re voting for Donald Trump” the Late Late Show host said.

The result: a show-of-hands equivalent to a standing ovation. Well, except for one member of the audience, a woman who stood up, shouted “who cares?!” and started dancing, as if to indicate her support for Donald Trump. To that, Cordon was direct: “Shut the f*ck up, you look like somebody who’d be voting for Donald Trump.”

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