Here’s Former ‘Veep’ President Selena Meyer On Why Millennials Should Vote


HBO’s Veep has for five┬áseasons mined the most excruciating, infuriating and heartbreaking aspects of politics for bitter laughs, which pretty much perfectly describes the state of the nation four days out from the blessed end of one of the most contentious elections in modern history. So it is that the Veep team has recorded a pretty funny video featuring star Julia Louis-Dreyfus in character as former President Selena Meyer, alongside Tony Hale as Gary Walsh, addressing the nation in a post-presidency address urging younger voters to turn up on election day.

That’s good advice, as it’s looking increasingly like it’s going to be a very tight election. Here’s hoping we aren’t getting a rerun of the one 16 years ago. Appropriately, the fifth season of Veep played out in a thematically similar way to the caustic 2000 election. Noting that Meyer lost her bid for the presidency at the end of┬áSeason 5, an outcome caused by low turnout (and weather), Louis-Dreyfus as Meyer implores “when you don’t vote, you’re giving your power to someone else, someone probably less informed and more motivated.”

Of course, it ends with her dejectedly admitting she won’t be running for president again, though if you caught the final moments of Season 5, you know she might not have to.

Long story short, Deadline readers: Don’t forget to vote. And stock up on Mylanta.

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