Bret Baier Apologizes For Errors In Fox News Report On Clinton Foundation Probe

Photo: Fox News

Bret Baier apologized on air today for Wednesday’s bombshell report about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. In his Fox News Channel report, Baier cited “sources with intimate knowledge of the FBI investigation,” which he said likely would continue to an indictment.

Fox News Channel

But, on Thursday, he said on air his use of “indictment” had been “inartful.” Today, however, Baier delivered a full-throated apology, saying, “That wasn’t just ‘inartful,’ it was a mistake and for that I’m sorry.

“I should have said, ‘They will continue to build their case.’”

In between his initial report and his retraction, other TV news outlets called it bunk. NBC’s Pete Williams, asked about the investigation, said there wasn’t one. ABC reported similarly.

In his earlier reporting, Baier said the FBI believed Clinton’s private email server has been hacked by five foreign intelligence agencies. Today, however, he revealed he had spoken to one source who thought that with “certainty,” but there was no “digital fingerprint” to prove that.

“All the time, but especially in a heated election, on a topic this explosive, every word matters,” he said. “No matter how well sourced.”

The Washington Post reported that the leaks to Fox News Channel, as well as other outlets that also ran with the story, were a product of internecine battles within the FBI. “Internal dissension has exploded into public view recently with a series of leaks to reporters about a feud over the Clinton Foundation, an extraordinary airing of the agency’s infighting,” WaPo reported today.

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