Chris Wallace Tells ‘The View’ James Comey Made Bad Call And Donald Trump Could Win


“I don’t think it was the right call,” Fox News Channel host and Debate 3 moderator Chris Wallace told The Ladies of The View, of FBI Director James Comey’s presidential election-altering October Surprise announcement about emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer.  “I think he should have acted in a very conservative manner, as law enforcement people are supposed to,” Wallace said.

“I think looking back on it, last July he should have said, ‘We don’t have enough evidence to do anything,’ or just said nothing….He should not have held that news conference in the first place; he should not have testified before Congress.”

“In fairness,” he added quickly, “Hillary Clinton brought this in to the election…she bears the responsibility here.” He told cohost Joy Behar that the election will be “closer than you think,” and that a Trump win is possible.

Wallace also shared measures he took to compensate for the lack of a shredder in his Vegas hotel room as he prepared his debate questions – measures that included a hotel room laundry bag, the casino and the swimming pool.

“We’d rip up the sheets of papers, the old questions, and we would stick them in one of those plastic laundry bags that you stick in the closet and we’d hide them. But now, my wife tells me, my wife Lorraine, that I didn’t even know this, they were then taking some of the other pages when they couldn’t fit them into the laundry bag, going out into the casino, dropping some of the strips of paper there, to the swimming pool, because we didn’t have a shredder, so this was our unofficial shredder.”

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