Donald Trump Destroys Political Norms In Last Days Of Race, Seth Meyers Says


The GOP is trying to frighten voters days before the election, by threatening to paralyze a Hillary Clinton presidency. Seth Meyer took one of his more serious Closer Looks on Late Night.

Republicans are pulling out all the stops, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who campaigned for Team Trump in Iowa. Cruz is the guy who once called Trump a “pathological lair” after he attacked Cruz’s wife and accused Cruz’s dad of being involved in the assassination of JFK, Meyers reminded.

Then there’s the candidate himself, who this week at a rally stop in Florida, had to give himself a pep talk about acting sane, as if he were a guy having trouble sticking to a diet.

Trump’s message, and that of his surrogates, is becoming “increasingly rabid and unhinged,” the late-night host said, seguing to footage of right-wing talker Wayne Allyn Root whipping up a Trump crowd with talk of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin in which he conflated O.J. Simpson’s Bronco chase and Driving Miss Daisy, adding his hope the candidate and her aide met with a Thelma and Louise end.

Meyers wondered why Root brought up Driving Miss Daisy, a movie about “a black man helping a white woman get where she wants to go.”

Trump and the GOP have spent the final days of the election cycle “destroy[ing] some of our most important political norms. They want to jail or impeach anyone they disagree with and, if they don’t get to wield power, they want to paralyze the government so no one can. You’d think that would be enough to get people to the polls,” Meyers marveled.



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