Stephen Colbert Endorses All Election Conspiracy Theories


Stephen Colbert kicked off a segment of Late Show on Thursday with a breaking New York Times report about the latest Wikileaks dump, revealing Hillary Clinton purchased the Trump Tower apartment under Donald Trump’s campaign offices to spy on him.

Except, Colbert followed, he just made that up.  ‘You believed it for a second, right — because this election is f*cking insane!’

“No one knows what’s true any more. No one knows what reality is,” Colbert said, accurately. That’s why it has been so easy to start such actual conspiracies as Hillary Clinton’s body double, Donald Trump’s sabotaged debate microphone, debate cocaine, and Donald Trump has a 35% change of being President of the United States.

“Why not believe everything?” Colbert suggested, seguing to The Late Show Presents Stephen Colbert’s Tinfoil Hat, brought to you by Reynolds Wrap, and NyQuil Severe Cold & Flu Liquid.

First incoming conspiracy theory: Is possible we’ve all been groped by Donald Trump but did not feel it because of his tiny baby hands?

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