Trevor Noah Explains Where Donald Trump Gets His Best Material

Comedy Central

Regardless of who wins the election next week, whether it be Hillary Clinton or “Rape-y Can Of Fanta,” one of them will need to start the process of forming an administration,” Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show.

Typically, a lot of people who have worked for a candidate while campaigning will transition to administration posts, Noah explained. For months,  The Daily Show has requested behind-the-scenes access to those staffers, but only the GOP team agreed. Noah unveiled the show’s exclusive look at one of the most influential members of Team Trump, setting up one of The Daily Show’s funnier bits of this election cycle.

Seems that, for the first few months of his campaign, Trump’s staff struggled to find a speech writer. Then Mr. Trump found a “young man who perfectly captured his voice.” The spoiled pre-pubescent brat has given Trump some of his best campaign lines.


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