Two Video Game Companies SAG-AFTRA Is Striking Aren’t In Business Anymore


SAG-AFTRA and representatives of the struck video game companies don’t agree on much; they don’t even agree on which companies are being struck. The union says it’s striking 11 companies, but the companies’ chief negotiator says that two of the companies on the union’s strike list aren’t even in business anymore.

One of those companies, Interactive Associates, doesn’t have a website and hasn’t released a game in more than a decade. Business records on file with the California Secretary of State’s office show that it was dissolved as a corporation in 2002. Another company, Corps of Discovery Films, doesn’t have a website either and hasn’t released a game since 2008.

The union identifies 11 companies it’s striking (see the list here), but of the 173 games on its strike list, none is produced by Interactive Associates or Corps of Discovery.

The coalition of struck gaming companies lists only nine companies on its website. They say that they don’t represent Interactive Associates or Corps of Discovery.

David Robb/Deadline

On the picket line Thursday, where some 400 actors and their supporters marched outside the Burbank offices of WB Games, Keythe Farley, the chair of the union’s interactive bargaining committee, said that union got the names of the two companies from representatives of the struck companies. “They were on some piece of paper they pushed across the bargaining table from us,” he said. “If they changed that, they have not notified us.”

Marching behind him, the picketers chanted: “Hey! Hey! Shut it down! Burbank is a union town!”

SAG-AFTRA, meanwhile, has received the support of British Equity and ACTRA, the Canadian actors union, who are warning their members to be on the lookout for gaming companies looking for scabs to complete their projects. ACTRA has instructed its 23,000 members “not to accept any struck work,” and British Equity has told its members to call the union immediately if they are offered struck work by any of the 11 struck companies – including Interactive Associates and Corps of Discovery.

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