Bill Maher Hopes Donald Trump Is “Like Y2K – A Bunch Of Nothing”; Facebook Live Event Scores 100K Viewers

Facebook Live

With the expiration date on a backlog of Donald Trump jokes fast approaching, Bill Maher took to Facebook Live tonight to use ’em up, and hit 100,000 viewers 42 minutes into a 45-minute stand-up routine.

Bluntly calling next week’s presidential election a “referendum on decency,” Maher repeatedly told his West Hollywood audience that he was actually scared Trump will win, comparing his fear to the feeling of waiting for an x-ray report from the doctor’s office. “I’m scared because people are stupid, because Hillary Clinton is not exciting..and because Democrats don’t know how to beat Donald Trump – everytime he’s gone down in the polls it’s because he did it to himself.”

“I hope when we look back on this, Trump is like Y2K,” Maher said. “A bunch of nothing.”

Calling his comedy special “Whiny Little Bitch” – the three-word description of the GOP candidate that’s been a running gag on his HBO program Real Time With Bill Maher – Maher was unrestrained even compared to cable standards. “Don’t be f*cking politically correct on me tonight,” he scolded the crowd after some gasps at calling Clinton a “chick” who’s had lots of problems with the rhyming term for male genitalia. “If she’s not a lesbian by now, she should be.”

And while he took swipes at Trump’s “flying monkey” surrogates Dr. Ben Carson, Kellyanne Conway, Rudolph Giulianni, Mike Pence and the Trump kids, his target was, first, last and always, the candidate himself. During one ten-second stretch, Maher called Trump a racist, a liar, a tax cheat, a draft dodger, a Russian agent and a rapist. “These are red flags!,” he yelled.

Castigating Trump’s distortions on immigration (“It took us 240 years to get to a population of 320 million, and Hillary’s going to triple it in a week?”), teleprompter skills and birtherism, Maher reserved particular ire for Trump’s hot mic comments to Billy Bush (the candidate’s “Igor,” Maher called the former Today cohost) and his obsession with women’s looks.

“This man, this thing, must look in the mirror and see Ryan Gosling,” Maher said.

Trump’s followers didn’t get it much easier. “They say he’s going to shake things up,” he said, then compared the rationale to “a great dane turned loose in a toddler’s birthday party.”

And finally, he summed up his take on next week’s election by dismissing the notion of a “Coke versus Pepsi” choice. “This is Coke versus tap water in Flint,” he said.

Maher will have one more go at Trump before November 8, though, with this Friday’s Real Time, with Maher’s long-sought interview with President Barack Obama, which Maher taped at the White House yesterday.


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