#ImWithTur Still Trending After Donald Trump Taunts NBC Reporter Katy Tur Again


Donald Trump had gotten to the Media Are Disgusting portion of the festivities at a campaign stop in Miami today, when he spied NBC News’ Katy Tur.

“We have massive crowds. There is something happening. They’re not reporting it,” the GOP nominee bellowed, pointing to the cameras and media pen at his rally. “Katy, you’re not reporting it, Katy. But there is something happening, Katy. There is something happening, Katy.”

Once again #ImWithTur began trending this morning, and still was trending hours later, as journalists and Trump nonfans tweeted in support of the reporter who has been embedded with the Trump campaign. It’s not the first time the media has risen to Trump’s bait when he’s taken off after Tur; the hashtag reportedly was born in the summer after he repeatedly singled her out with his elementary school-style bullying.

Among Trump’s taunts: He once told Tur to be quiet during a news conference; he told pals at Fox & Friends his campaign does not let people talk to Tur because she’s “not a very good reporter”; and, during another of his well-received Media Are Scum spouts at a rally, he told enthusiastic supporters where they could find “Little Katy, third-rate journalist.”

On the bright side, Tur got a great Marie Claire piece out of Trump’s taunts.

As Marie Claire noted after today’s Trump tantrum:

Today, Tur’s colleagues seemed especially angry about Trump’s taunts:



Of course, not everyone was tweeting in support:

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