Louis C.K. Tells Conan He’s Over Obama, All In For Hillary Clinton

UPDATED with additional video: Louis C.K. is very enthusiastic about the prospect of Hillary Clinton as POTUS. “I think she’s great,” the comic said on Conan O’Brien’s second night of late-night shows from the Apollo theater in Harlem. “She’s talented and super-smart. I’d take her over anybody.”

“I don’t want somebody who is likeable or cool and more,’ Louis C.K. told Conan, presumably in re Obama.

“We need a two faced, conniving, crazy –– somebody who’s got a million schemes,” he explained. “And, by the way, all [Clinton’s] sh*t is out there. Every email she ever wrote is in the newspapers, and she’s not in jail which is amazing. But we need a tough b*tch mother who nobody likes and just does sh*t.”

“This is my feeling overall,” he summed up. “If you vote for Hillary, you’re a grown-up. If you vote for Trump, you’re a sucker. If you don’t vote for anybody, you’re an assh*le.”

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