‘Happy Wheels’ Trailer: Game Becomes Digital Series With Blood & Guts Galore


The Happy Wheels video game app hit the ground bleeding in 2010 and has been played more than a billion — with a “B” — times since. Now it’s making the natural progression to animated series, which will go live November 15 on go90, Verizon’s mobile streaming app. And here’s the first trailer for the cartoon-gory nine-episode series from Machinima and Bunim/Murray Productions.

Welcome to Happy Wheels, the most dangerous community in the world. Early on, all seems tranquil and on the up-and-up: a dad teaching his boy to ride a bike, picnickers enjoying an adult beverage, a man enjoying a snack on a park bench. But things are about to get ugly — fast. That kid on the bicycle? Spike fodder. Other folks? Turned to red goo by falling speakers, helpful cops, exploding bounce houses, even the town’s welcome sign. Sense a pattern here?

Suffice it so say, Happy Wheels people get mangled in horrific ways. In an effort to reduce the bloodshed, five locals form a safety committee, with predictably epic-fail results. Voices are provided by a clutch of social media/online personalities, including three Minecraft YouTubers (ask your kids) and the co-hosts of Machinima’s ETC.

Jim Bonacci created the game — possibly after a weeklong slasher film binge-a-thon — and the series is executive produced by John P. Roberts and Gil Goldschein of BMP Digital. Outside of the U.S., it will launch on SkyQ in the UK, AMC Iberia in Spain and Portugal and Sohu in China.

Check out the trailer above, clear your eyes and tell us what you think. Meanwhile, here is the poster for the series, which lists the cast — mostly by their screen names:


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