Trevor Noah Imagines Donald Trump’s USA In 2020

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah abandoned somewhat The Daily Show format to celebrate Halloween, imagining it’s 2020, he’s underground, and Donald Trump is running for re-election:

“It’s me, Trevor Noah. I’ve come out of hiding to broadcast one more episode of The Daily Show. I know I’m taking a risk – I’m risking my life and yours by just broadcasting the show. But with the election just days away, it’s a risk worth taking, people. You know, it’s like getting a chance with Beyonce when you don’t have any condoms. You’ve got to do it. So what if she has something? She probably doesn’t, but you got to do it!”

John Oliver is shown being cuffed and dragged off his HBO late night show by Trumpian authorities.  And, Jeff Ross stopped by to reflect on his work in the Trump administration – and the depressing state of comedy:

….while Desi Lydic documents what the United States looks like for female members of the media who have been rated at only a 7:

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