‘You’ve Been Trumped Too’ Will Stream On Facebook Live Amid Trump Organization Lawsuit Threat

EXCLUSIVE: After Trump International last week threatened to sue “those who have propagated … highly defamatory claims” it alleges were presented in Anthony Baxter’s feature documentary You’ve Been Trumped Too, the filmmaker has decided to show the film for free on Facebook Live on Thursday night — as he says, to stand up to “the bullying.” That news comes one week after Donald Trump issued this threatening response via a press release, saying the organization would pursue legal action. That threat easilycould  be interpreted to include theaters showing the film and media outlets reporting on the content of the film.

What’s got Trump steamed — and they have refuted — is the words of 92-year-old Molly Forbes and her son, who run a farm and talk about how their water supply was cut off during the construction of Trump’s golf course in Scotland. She now gets her water using buckets and a wheelbarrow from a nearby stream because after five years, they say, they still have no water. The documentary follows the controversial development and how local residents were affected after Trump applied for “compulsory purchase” (the Scottish version of eminent domain) to take over land after they refused to sell him their land for the development. That part of the story is told toward the end of Baxter’s film.

The threat of compulsory purchase, says Baxter, still hangs over the head of Molly Forbes: “He and the Trump Organization has threatened to take her to court – a 92-year-old woman who Trump says reminds him of his own mother – because of the fact that she is speaking up in the film about how the Trump Organization cut off her water and it hasn’t worked for five years,” says Baxter. “It’s a fact. He may not like it, but that’s what happened.”

Trump and his organization issued a similar legal threat to the BBC in 2012, two days before it was to distribute the first film (also from Baxter), You’ve Been Trumped. The BBC aired the film anyway.

You’ve Been Trumped Too was released on October 28 at the AMC Loews Theatre. Deadline contacted AMC Corporate to find out if they got any kind of similar letter this time around, and we’ll update you with their response when we get it.

“I think it’s really important for American voters to see the actions of this man,” the filmmaker says of Trump. “The Scottish experience is something to look at. He said he was going to create 6,000 jobs, and the jobs he created were 95 people, mostly part-time jobs. Ninety-five is a far cry from 6,000. He and his organization has harassed local residents in a way that I think people need to see. You can’t allow bullying to get in the way of the truth.”

They will live-stream the film on Facebook at 8 PM ET Thursday.

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