Stephen Colbert Explains To Newt Gingrich Why Sex Always Is More Interesting Than Public Policy


UPDATE with video: Stephen Colbert took on former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s blasting of Megyn Kelly for trying to discuss the affect Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape boasts, and the women who have accused him of groping them, are having on the GOP nom’s polling. Gingrich had shot back, like he meant it to sting, that she was “fascinated with sex” and does “not care about public policy.” Gingrich, you see, wanted her to talk about the latest WikiLeaks DNC email dump.

“Everybody is more fascinated with sex than public policy,” Colbert informed Newt in absentia on Late Show. “If you’re not, there’s a pill for that now. But thing is, Megyn Kelly’s File wasn’t talking about fun-time bedroom whoopie-making, she’s talking about assault.”

To be fair, Colbert said, maybe Newt does not know the difference. “Maybe no one ever gave him The Talk”:

“Newt, sweetheart, you’re growing up so fast,” Colbert began. “You’re probably old enough now to learn about the birds, and the bees, and the consent.

“You see when a man has special feelings for a woman he wants to give her a special hug…But grabbing a lady because you’re a TV star is not sex. It’s assault and – fun fact – assault is a matter of public policy because it’s illegal. Even if you use Tic Tacs. I hope that clears things up, buddy.”

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