Karl Rove Defends Megyn Kelly, Dings Donald Trump And Newt Gingrich For “Sex” Talk

Fox News Channel

Karl Rove came to Megyn Kelly’s defense tonight in her first The Kelly File broadcast since Newt Gingrich accused her of being so “fascinated with sex” she had no interest in public policy.

Before Rove’s appearance on Kelly’s Fox News Channelshow, she’d also had under fire from GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump, who this morning applauded Gingrich for attacking Kelly, calling it an “amazing interview.”

“We don’t play games, Newt, right?” Trump crowed during the ribbon-cutting ceremony on his new Washington D.C. hotel, as camera rolled.

Rove, who was Kelly’s first guest tonight, blasted Trump for squandering precious time “to spend today dedicating his hotel in Washington D.C., and complimenting Newt Gingrich on having a food fight with you last night. That was not a good use of today,” with just 13 days left to campaign, he sniffed.

Kelly diplomatically called the previous day’s Karlpocalypse a “debate about polls, and whether people should believe them.” Gingrich, she said, “did not believe them and said there were two alternate universes: one in which the pollsters live, and then the real one, in which Trump is winning.”

Kelly’s second segment, not coincidentally, focused on Wikileaked DNC emails to and from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, aka “public policy” material Gingrich had accused Kelly of not being interested in owing to her sex obsession.

Others had attacked Kelly after Gingrich’s appearance on her show. Dan Scavino, Trumps social media director, for instance, tweeted this:

… adding, ominously:


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