Donald Trump-ian ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode Gets Post-Election Airdate

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There’s been a new airdate sighting for Law & Order: SVUs Donald Trump-ian episode, “Unstoppable.” That new date: Wednesday, November 16, 9 PM.

When last we checked in on the elusive episode, 11 days ago, NBC had removed it from its previous October 26 airdate, deciding to hold it until some unspecified date after the November 8 Election Day.

Law & Order: SVU

The new airdate presumably gives interested parties time to sort out election results that Trump already has said will be rigged, though we’re not ruling out another airdate change because, well … Donald Trump.

That October 26 slot had not been “Unstoppable’s” original airdate: NBC first planned to air the episode early this month. But at some point that plan changed — which was just as well, given how busy the network was on October 7 and for days after, what with The Washington Post releasing the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape in which two guys then employed by NBC, including the current GOP candidate, conversed about groping women, described an NBC soap actress as “hot as sh*t,” getting her to hug them, Tic Tacs, etc.

In the “Unstoppable” episode of the long-running franchise, the totally-not-Trump-but-they-can’t-stop-you-from-making-comparisons character, played by Gary Cole, is a bit of an oaf, but loaded with the stuff. He’s contemplating a change of address to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. for eight years, only some women with sordid stories about him are trying to thwart him from moving on up.

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