Donald Trump Insists He’s Not Test-Driving Trump TV With Nightly Facebook Program

Donald Trump Debate

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump told a Cincinnati radio station today he had no interest in launching Trump TV.

“I have no interest in Trump TV,” Trump said during an interview broadcast on 700WLW. “I hear it all over the place. I have a tremendous fan base, we have a tremendous base. We have the most incredible people, but I just don’t have any interest in that.”

But, of course, that interview comes days after Trump’s campaign CEO told Politico, when asked if his candidate might launch a news network after the election cycle wrapped, noted “Trump is an entrepreneur.” He forgot to mention the former reality-TV star has 12.7M Twitter followers and 11.7M fans on Facebook.

Anyway, Trump’s radio interview happened the morning after Trump’s campaign launched a half-hour show on the candidate’s Facebook page to warm up crowds for Trump’s campaign rally live-streams. Some industry navel lint gazers have speculated it’s a test drive for Trump TV network. The nightly campaign coverage will air every night at 6:30 PM ET, which, in one of those incredible coincidences, is the same time for many networks’ nightly newscasts.

The live all-things-Trump show is being produced at Trump Tower, and continues weeknights through Election Day. Since last night’s debut, 1.5M have viewed Not Trump TV on the candidate’s Facebook page.

Team Trump similarly launched live shows on the candidate’s Facebook page that streamed before and after Debate 3.

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