Tom Hanks Negotiates With ‘Big’s Zoltar To Be Made 30 Again


Tom Hanks, who’s been doing the late-night circuit to plug the opening of Inferno, reconnected with Zoltar on Late Show last night, and asked Big’s mechanical fortune teller to make him 30 years old again.

Zoltar, aka Late Show host Stephen Colbert, reminded Hanks he’d learned a heart-warming lesson about age-envy in that earlier movie.

“Yeah, I learned being older isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be — a lesson I’m constantly learning every day at my age,” Hanks shot back, noting that, just the other day when he tried hopping around on another of those floor pianos, “I swear I heard my hip snap.”

Unfortunately for Hanks, Zoltar’s rates have gone up considerably from his Big days. Instead of a quarter, the price for age-changing now is Hanks’ soul. Only Hanks already sold that to raise money for That Thing You Do, the actor explained.

So Zoltar agrees to Hanks’ request, provided he read his semi-autobiographical screenplay, to which Hanks agrees. Zoltar tells him he will wake up tomorrow and be 30, which Hanks notes gives him one night to see Inferno with a senior discount ticket.

Mission accomplished.

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