Media-Loathing Donald Trump Launches Alt Nightly Campaign Coverage

Donald Trump Debate

The Trump campaign tonight kicked off a live Facebook program that some are speculating it’s a test drive for Trump TV network. The nightly campaign coverage will air every night at 6:30 PM ET, which, in one of those incredible coincidences, is the same time for most network nightly newscasts.

Tonight’s show was hosted by Trump campaign advisers Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims. In an economy move, the show was livestreamed via Facebook Live from the GOP candidate’s war room in Trump Tower. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway got interviewed, and conservative commentator Tomi Lahren guest-starred.

Trump’s Tampa, Florida rally got streamed as well.

The media got jazzed about Trump TV when Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner was recently reported to be talking to media deal makers. Last week, Trump’s campaign also carried live Facebook coverage of the debate and clocked more than 9M views, according to reports.

But Trump isn’t alone. During the Democratic convention this summer, the Clinton campaign also offered a candidate-centric livestream. Clinton’s campaign also produced a podcast in which the candidate talks directly to voters.


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