Celebs & Shows Celebrate As Chicago Cubs Move To World Series

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ World Series hopes were dashed tonight when they were defeated by the Chicago Cubs in Game Six of the Major League Baseball National League championship series. But if it’s a bummer for die hard Dodgers fans, even Angelenos are happy tonight with the win, which sees the Cubs headed to the World Series for the first time since 1945. That’s a long enough time, but should the Cubs win this year’s baseball finale, it’ll be the teams’ first Commissioner’s Trophy since 1908.

So it is that the mood, even among the losing side, is mostly jubilant, with celebs, civilians, and even TV shows, particularly those with ties to Chicagoland, rushing to congratulate the Cubs… and as it turns out, make a surprising number of references to 1980s films. Read on for a sample of how that shook out.

The comity didn’t stop with the fans however, as even the vanquished Los Angeles Dodgers were happy for the team that bested them:

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