Donald Trump Would Nix AT&T’s Acquisition Of Time Warner; Says Such Deals “Destroy Democracy”


While laying out plans for what he hopes would be his first 100 days in the White House, GOP nominee Donald Trump said he would not approve AT&T’s proposed $80+ billion acquisition of Time Warner. Claiming that “deals like this destroy democracy,” Trump also said he was opposed to the Comcast/NBC Universal merger.

Deadline analyzed the AT&T deal yesterday. “Would a deal kick off a massive consolidation wave?,” wrote David Lieberman. “Tech and telco companies have lots of cash to move, if they want. (U.S. limits on foreign ownership of broadcasting would keep overseas powers from buying most Big Media companies, which include major over-the-air station groups.) But it’s hard to see targets that would match Time Warner.”

In addition to his new comments, Trump’s “drain the swamp” speech today recapped his recent charges that the election is rigged, that Hillary Clinton was unfit to run for president and his denial of the sexual charges brought against him by at least 10 women. In fact, he threatened litigation against the women after the election.

Trump also proposed, among other things, Congressional term limits, reduction of federal regulations, lobbying restrictions, dropping out of various U.N. climate change initiatives, and canceling “unconstitutional” executive orders signed by President Obama.

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