Debate Social Activity Peaks When Donald Trump Announces Election To End With Cliffhanger


Presidential Debate” clocked 53.2 million social media interactions across Facebook and Twitter from 16.9 million people in the U.S. on Wednesday, Nielsen reports.

Activity for the debate peaked between 10:15 and 10:29 PM ET when 4.6M million interactions erupted with the announcement by reality-TV star turned GOP candidate Donald Trump’s announcement that the election will end this season with a cliffhanger, telling moderator Chris Wallace he will let him know on November 8 if he’s going to accept the election results.

Raise your hand if you are surprised “Trump” was mentioned in 3.9 million tweets on Wednesday, while “Hillary” was mentioned in just 1.9 million tweets.

Of the 41.5 million interactions on Facebook on the debate, 62% of people who interacted were female and 40% were under the age of 35. Nielsen defines “interactions” as original social media posts related to a linear TV episode and the engagement with that original content.

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