Donald Trump Looked Like Alec Baldwin Playing Trump At Debate, Jimmy Kimmel Says


UPDATE with video: “I was fascinated watching Donald Trump,” Jimmy Kimmel said at the top of his first live post-debate edition of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. “His eyes were mostly closed the whole time, his voice was at phone-sex whisper. It almost seemed as if he was doing an impression of Alec Baldwin doing an impression of him.”

“He said ‘disaster’ and he said ‘bigly’ a couple of time and he said Mexico is sending some bad hombre over here. I guess those Rosetta Stone tapes are paying off,” Kimmel snarked.

Among those Trump invited to be his guests at the debate, Kimmel noted, were President Barack Obama’s half-brother and Sarah Palin.

“Sarah Palin is the HPV of American politics,” Kimmel said as his audience tittered. “She lays dormant for quite a while but, just when you think she’s gone…”

Speaking of Obama’s Trump-supporting half brother, Kimmel announced Obama will make a return visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday – 15 days ahead of the election. Obama hasn’t visited Kimmel’s show since March 12, 2015, during which he read a special presidential edition of Mean Tweets, which has generated more than 46M views. Obama did a comedy bit for Stephen Colbert’s late-night show this week which was a thinly veiled plug for his younger viewers to get out and vote.

Kimmel was thick with fun videos, some culled from debate moments, including a look at the many ways in which Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton:

In another segment, Kimmel staged a faux debate between Trump and his running mate Mike Pence, by way of pointing out the many subjects on which they disagree. After which Kimmel aired a presidential debate edition of his Kimmel Kids’ Out of Focus segment. Three precocious moppets said they found the debate “pretty annoying,” thought Trump talked over Hillary Clinton, and were amazed to learn Clinton had attended Trump’s wedding. Trump, they said, most resembles a carrot, while Clinton resembles an onion. Her running mate Tim Kaine looks like a mushroom, or George Clooney, or George Washington. Pence looks a lot friendlier than his running mate, but then, Trump looks as if he’s losing his mind every day, they explained:

Kimmel’s guest, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, addressed the debate with Kimmel after the kids, saying he too had issues with both candidates, though not of the vegetable kind. Johnson, who advocates legalizing pot, declined Kimmel’s offer to roll a joint, out of what Kimmel promised was not marijuana. Kimmel insisted Johnson’s poll numbers would skyrocket if they got the footage of Johnson rolling a joint. Johnson insisted he was turning down the offer, not because he hasn’t rolled a joint in 25 years, but because pot smokers don’t tend to get out and vote, so Kimmel’s is a flawed premise. Johnson may not know what Aleppo is, but he’s not an idiot.

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