Melania Trump’s CNN, FNC Interviews Strikingly Similar, Trevor Noah Notices


“In case you were wondering why it took Melania ten days from the Billy Bush tape to speak out, from the looks of it she was using that time to practice her lines,” The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said as he played Melania Trump’s interviews with CNN and with FNC, side by side to show the striking resemblance.

“At least she’s only plagiarizing herself now,” Noah snarked of Donald Trump’s wife, who’s keynote speech on the opening night of the RNC bore a more than passing resemblance to a speech First Lady Michelle Obama gave when her husband was running for the White House. Melania Trump had not participated much in her husband’s campaigning since her keynote speech, until this week’s two extended interviews to talk about the Access Hollywood tape. In that audio and video tape, leaked to Washington Post nearly two weeks ago, her husband boasted to then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about groping women; since its release, several women have come forward claiming they experienced that behavior first-hand. The candidate has called the women liars and suggested some of them were not sufficiently attractive.

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