Stephen Colbert Asks ‘Melania Trump’ How Donald Got Outplayed By Billy Bush


UPDATED with video: Stephen Colbert interviewed “Trump’s wife and strategic eye-shadow reserve, Melania Trump” to ask how the “dirty and bad stuff” Donald Trump said in the Access Hollywood tape was Billy Bush’s doing, as she has said in interviews.

For those who have been hiding under a flat rock since WaPo published the Access Hollywood tape, “Melania’s defense of the man who wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ is he got outmaneuvered by a guy who has been deemed by the Today show to be unqualified to watch someone else make a festive fall frittata,” Colbert explained.

Asked if she had forgiven her husband, Melania answered, “Yes I do. I said to my husband that those words are very unappropriate. Plus he said them on a bus. Disgusting.”

“So you have forgiven him?” Colbert asked.

“Stephen, my husband is kind. He isĀ  gentleman,” responded Melania, who looks an awful lot like Laura Benanti, using the same lines she delivered in her earlier interviews.

“If he’s a gentleman then why did he say he didn’t do it because they were too ugly?” Colbert wondered.

“He’s raw. He tells it like it is,” Melania responded, again lifting from previous day’s interviews. “And these women? Woof! Am I right?”

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