Screen Engine & Neil Goetz Team To Power Film Marketing Outfit The Engine Room

EXCLUSIVE: Entertainment industry research firm Screen Engine/ASI and veteran marketing executive Neil Goetz have teamed to launch The Engine Room, a strategic creative agency that aims to identify target audiences and optimal positioning strategies for movie trailers, TV spots, promos, print and digital media content. Its initial client list includes Sony, The Weinstein Company, Fox and Lionsgate.

The Engine room is currently working on the Thurgood Marshall biopic Marshall and the dance comedy Step Sisters.

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“The philosophy behind the launch of The Engine Room is simple,” said Goetz, a former SVP Worldwide Marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment who is The Engine Room’s founder and Executive Creative Director. “All too often, trailers and TV spots are cut and recut based on testing results that never step back and consider strategy over tactics. This process can be lengthy and costly. The Engine Room’s philosophy is that every project needs a clear and viable marketing strategy at the outset in order to succeed.”

Goetz, who also had stints at Samuel Goldwyn Company, First Look Pictures and CBS, says such strategies will be tested via an online community of more than 1,200 moviegoers through The Engine Room’s exclusive partnership with Screen Engine/ASI. The data will be crunched to create tailored promotional materials that can be used during key points during a campaign: before and/or after a trailer has been created, and if TV spots or the movie are not tracking well.

The company aims to focus its approach across all distribution platforms including domestic and international film and TV, digital and mobile.

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