Ann Coulter To HBO’s Bill Maher: We Always Knew Donald Trump Was “A Lout”

AP Photo/Marion Curtis, StarPix

Dismissing this week’s multiple accusations against Donald Trump of sexual assault as nothing more than his opposition’s “Hail Mary pass,” right-wing pot-stirrer Ann Coulter, even more agitated than usual if that’s possible, told Bill Maher Friday that Trump supporters have long been aware of their candidate’s “baggage.”

“No one is voting for Donald Trump because of his character or personality,” Coulter said on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. “We never were. It was always about the issues.”

Repeatedly interrupting Maher as he tried to ask about “these ridiculous charges” (her words), the conservative pundit attempted to steer the conversation to immigrants, open borders and what she’s now calling the “Uniparty,” apparently a catch-all term for the Democratic and Republican establishments.

“I really don’t want to talk about this,” Coulter said as Maher continued to discuss the infamous Access Hollywood footage in which Trump bragged about grabbing unsuspecting women’s genitals. “I really want to talk about the reasons we support Donald Trump, the reason there is a civil war, but I will say that everyone in television has said horrible things on hot mics that you wouldn’t want to get out there.”

Coulter, plugging her latest book In Trump We Trust – E Pluribus Awesome!, dismissed any similarity between Trump and Bill Cosby because, in the latter’s case she said, “everyone had heard about” Cosby for years. Later, doing an apparent 180-degree swivel, she suggested that Trump supporters were not taken by surprise this week.

“I got news for you,” said Coulter (pictured above with Maher in 2009). “We knew he had personal baggage. We knew he was a lout. But he’s the only one who will do anything for the working class in this country.”

As Coulter wrapped up her segment to unsurprisingly weak audience response, Maher reminded his audience, “We go high,” echoing Michelle Obama’s new catchphrase. “Come on,” he prodded. “Applause.”


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