Ana Navarro Charms Trevor Noah’s Crowd Comparing Donald Trump To Zika Mosquito


UPDATED with video: GOP strategist Ana Navarro told Trevor Noah she thinks House Speaker Paul Ryan has the right idea, handling Donald Trump as if he is a Zika mosquito: “avoid contact or you will be infected.”

Making her first visit to Noah’s The Daily Show, the host thought he should explain to his viewers a bit about the CNN contributor.

“So for the five people who don’t know who you are–” Noah began.

“I’m the woman who said ‘pussy’ on TV,” Navarro finished, winning over Noah’s studio audience.

Noah asked her why she said “pussy” on CNN last Friday night in a discussion about WaPo release of the Access Hollywood tape in which the GOP candidate for president said same word, to describe the part of the female anatomy he can grab with impunity because he is so famous.

“First of all cause it’s 12:45 AM when I said it, right?” she said, stating the obvious.

And, she continued, “because I just couldn’t handle any more people defending the man who is running for the highest office of the land in the United States of America saying the word, and yet pretending to be offended when a mere pundit…or anybody else says it. Hypocrisy needs to be called out in American politics and the absurd has reached the point where it is just insufferable.

Navarro got into a verbal fracas on Don Lemon’s CNN show that night, when Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes got all Ladies Of River City on Navarro, scolding her to ixnay the ussypay because her daughter was watching.

At 12:45 AM.

Getting back to Navarro’s Daily Show visit, Noah was still hellbent on giving his audience Navarro’s resume, when her explanation seemed to have entirely satisfied the crowd. He noted she’d been a GOP strategist for a long time, and had worked with Jeb Bush.

“I was a Republican before Donald Trump was a Republican,” Navarro shot back, more to the point.  “I was a Republican when Donald Trump was a Democrat! I was a Republican when Donald Trump was an Independent. And I’m going to be a Republican when Donald Trump gets tired of being a Republican!”

Noah said, inaccurately, that House Speaker Paul Ryan had un-endorsed Trump over the candidate’s remarks in the Access Hollywood tape.

“Actually, Paul Ryan has not un-endorsed him,” Navarro corrected. “He refuses to be in the same zip code, on the same stage, under the same roof as him. But he has not officially un-endorsed him.”

“Fortunately for Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, who comes unhinged easily, has reacted as if Paul Ryan has un-endorsed him. Which I think is the best thing that could happen to Paul Ryan,” Navarro said. “I’m very happy that Paul Ryan has decided to treat Donald Trump like a Zika mosquito: avoid contact or you will be infected.”

Navarro, who is registered to vote in the swing state of Florida, says she will write in her mother’s name on her ballot, if Hillary Clinton is winning the election by six points in the state come Election Day. If the race is close in the state, she said she did not know what she will do. Her conscience will not allow her to toss away her vote by writing in Mom because that would help guarantee a “misogynist, racist, bigot, jerk, entitled man is the next President of the United States,” she explained.

Noah ended the interview saying he hopes they meet again in happier times after the election.

“Well sweetheart, that’s if Donald Trump doesn’t win the election,” Navarro explained. “Cause, if he does, I’m probably getting deported after I get audited and waterboarded.”

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