Bill Maher Gets Animated About Donald Trump As “Grown Up Pain-In-The-Ass Kid” For ATTN:


Donald Trump is the grown-up version of every pain-in-the-ass kid who ever sat behind you on a plane kicking the back of your seat while the parents did nothing,” Bill Maher says of the GOP candidate.

In his latest New Rule, Bill Maher blames the rise of Donald Trump on the “self-esteem movement” and contextualizes Trump’s appeal within American culture. But it’s not debuting on HBO, rather on ATTN: which has partnered with HBO to release an animated version of Maher’s ‘New Rules,’ editorial segment from his weekly HBO series Real Time. The video was written and recorded by Maher.

“This is the next generation’s Huffington Post,” Maher said. “I think [ATTN: co-founder/editor-in-chief Matthew Segal] is doing the lord’s work in educating millennials especially, who are known to have short attention spans, and really getting a lot of their information through animation and short videos that otherwise may not get.”

“I’m all in with them,” Maher said of plans to make more animated New Rules for Attn:. “First, I’m an investor. So there’s that…I’m a big fan of money. I always have been,” he joked. “When I put money into something, whether it’s a million [dollars] to Obama, or buying a piece of the New York Mets, or this, that means I’m a huge fan.”

And, of course, there’s no shortage of material. Maher has lots to say about the past week’s developments in candidacy of the real estate developer/beauty pageant owner/reality-TV star/presidential candidate.  Some in the GOP, including Arizona Sen. John McCain, have withdrawn their endorsement of Trump after last Friday’s release of the 2005 Access Hollywood video, in which Trump boasted of being so famous he can kiss and grope women with impunity. House Speaker Paul Ryan says he won’t campaign on Trump’s behalf but has not pulled his endorsement.

“I call them the Vichy Republicans. They will have to answer for this, some time later, hopefully beginning November 9,” Maher told Deadline.

He forecast the effect would be the same as that of Joseph Welch at the McCarthy Hearings. Welch’s famous confrontation of Sen. Joseph McCarthy – asking, “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”  – has been credited as the turning point, bringing an end to McCarthyism.

“This has gone so far beyond ideology, or conservative versus liberal. It’s a referendum on decency itself,” Maher said of the latest developments in this election cycle.

ATTN: describes itself as an issues-driven media company, whose mission is to deliver engaging content to a mobile-first audience by “breaking down” what it calls complex issues, such as gerrymandering, comprehensive immigration reform, and the Electoral College, into animated shorts. Founded by Segal and Jarrett Moreno who previously founded non-profit,  ATTN: has, in two years, with no paid growth, received more than 2 billion monthly impressions and over 400 million monthly video views.

Watch animated Bill Maher on Donald Trump for ATTN: here.

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