Boyd Holbrook In Talks To Star In Fox’s ‘Predator’ Reboot


A month ago, Benecio Del Toro was said to be in early talks to star in The Predator, Fox’s reboot of the action-horror franchise. Scratch that. Sources tell Deadline that Narcos star and Wolverine threequel villain Boyd Holbrook is in negotiations for the role.

Shane Black is aboard to direct the film and pen it with his Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker. Black appeared in the 1987 original alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger as radioman Rick Hawkins, who is the first to be offed by that terrifying thing in the jungle.

Holbrook will co-star opposite Hugh Jackman in Logan, the upcoming Wolverine film from Fox. He’ll play the villainous Donald Pierce, a cyborg with superhuman abilities who is described as a relentless, calculating and intense head of security for a global enterprise who is set against Jackman’s clawed Wolverine/Logan hero. Holbrook also stars in Netflix’s Narcos as Steve Murphy, the DEA agent tasked with bringing down Medellin Cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar. The actor’s other recent credits include Cardboard Boxer, Jane Got a Gun, Run All Night and Gone Girl.

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