Google Buys Video Sponsorship Facilitator FameBit

The already indistinct line between ads and infotainment on YouTube is about to become blurrier following parent company Google’s acquisition of FameBit.

The technology platform helps to connect companies willing to pay for sponsorships and promotions with content creators. Google and FameBit did not disclose deal terms.

The union will “help increase the number of branded-content opportunities available, bringing even more revenue into the online video community,” Google VP Product Management Ariel Bardin, says in a blog post.

In a separate post, FameBit founders David Kierzkowski and Agnes Kozera say that their operation “will continue to work just like it has and will remain a standalone operation for now.” It will “provide a great technology solution for companies like [multi channel networks] and agencies to find matches for their creators and brand partners.”

They hope that the Google connection will enable FameBit to “connect even more brands to creators, engage more audiences and make brand marketing more creative and authentic than ever.”

Founded in 2014, the marketing company has catered to relatively small content creators on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter who have struggled to find financial support.

In February, FameBit forged a partnership with Shopify to connect video producers with companies selling goods and services in beauty, fashion, gaming, tech, travel, music and food. Companies that have used the platform include Adidas, L’Oréal, Marvel and Dollar Shave Club.

FameBit says it’s responsible for 25,000 branded videos that have generated more than 2 billion minutes of watch time.

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