Samantha Bee: Billy Bush, Donald Trump Tape A “Hostile Work Environment Training Module”


Note to NBC: In case you’re wondering how your Billy Bush situation is playing out on late night TV, here’s TBS Full Frontal star Samantha Bee’s take.

After conceding that “Take a Tic Tac and grab them by the pussy is the closest thing to a plan Donald Trump has described this political election,” Bee insisted the “vilest” part of the presidential campaign-changing 2005 Access Hollywood tape released by WaPo on Friday,  is how the “two drooling hyenas treated actress Arianne Zucker, whose only mistake was doing her job in greeting the Adolescent Boner Bus.”

She’s talking about the current GOP presidential candidate, then an NBC reality-series star, and Billy Bush, then co-host of Access Hollywood.

After playing the part of the video where NBC’s now Today show co-host Bush asks NBC soap actress Zucker to hug an NBC reality show star who has just told him he’s so famous he can kiss and grab the genitals of women with impunity, Bee said:

“Let’s top that hostile work environment training module here and discuss what we’ve seen. In less than a minute these two leering dildos turned their rape-culture banter into a rape-culture power move that demeaned and violated Zucker in ways she is only now finding out about.”

That video, Bee noted, “got Little Bushy suspended from his job. I’m comfortable with that, she said, as her studio audience applauded.

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