‘Weekend Update’ Team Deconstructs Debate 2 With ‘Real Housewives’ Creator Andy Cohen


“I want to say it was fun watching the debate with you, but I feel grosser than did after a day of shooting the Jersey Housewives reunion last week,” Bravo’s programming exec-turned-late-night star Andy Cohen told Saturday Night Live¬†“Weekend Update” hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost after they watched Sunday’s presidential debate.

Cohen said he’d heard from CNN GOP analyst¬†Ana Navarro, saying she too thought Debate 2 had “turned into a Real Housewives reunion,” adding, “Sorry, I think I just cheapened Real Housewives reunions.”

(Navarro was catapulted to TV-news stardom Friday when she described, accurately, GOP candidate Donald Trump’s lewd comments caught in the 2005 tape WaPo dropped that day. Navarro exploded on-air when Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes scolded her not to use that language because her own daughter was watching CNN. Navarro thought Hughes’ remarks were pretty rich, what with Hughes’ candidate having brought the offensive slang for women’s genitals into the political discourse and he’s the won running to be POTUS, not her.)

The SNL men mocked Dem candidate Hillary Clinton’s outfit, describing it as karate garb or “pilgrim” costume. And they’re very excited about Trump’s body language, saying his hovering, lurking, chair massaging and “terrible 2s” behavior gives SNL’s Trump doppelganger Alec Baldwin lots to work with this coming weekend.

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