Arnold Schwarzenegger To Donald Trump: You’re Fired

Schwarzenegger Photo: NBC; Donald Trump: AP Photo/Peter Kramer

It’s a schism between the old and new at NBC’s The Apprentice, as Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the rising tide of prominent Republicans turning their backs on Donald Trump. In a tweet posted this morning, Schwarzenegger was blunt. “As proud as I am to label myself a Republican, there is one label that I hold above all else – American,” he said, with an attached, much longer statement explaining that for the first time, he won’t be voting for the Republican presidential candidate. Read it in full below.

Schwarzenegger didn’t mention any of the numerous public relations disasters that have bedeviled Trump over the last few days, but then again he doesn’t have to. The country has talked about little else since the leak yesterday of 2005 audio in which Trump bragged about his celebrity and how it affords him access to sexual conquests, and his infamously phrased description of an act that some have said would be considered sexual assault.

Schwarzenegger’s announcement comes 12 hours after Trump released a video purporting to be an apology for the remarks but in actuality was a vow to escalate the political war of words against Hillary and Bill Clinton. As evidenced by the former Governator’s statements, the Trump video did little to stem the bleeding in the campaign as Republicans continue to withdraw support.

Meanwhile, the second 2016 Presidential Debate airs tomorrow night. Given the last 24 hours, it should be hotly combative and, likely, a ratings winner much like the record-setting first debate two weeks ago.

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