‘Power Rangers’ First Look: ‘The Breakfast Club’, But With Super Powers – NY Comic-Con


There’s a lot of ways this could have gone but to be honest, I wasn’t expecting “gritty John Hughes”. It’s the first teaser for the reboot of Saban’s Power Rangers, unexpectedly leaked this morning in advance of the film’s New York Comic-Con panel. And in essence, it looks like the concept is “what if The Breakfast Club ended with the gang getting super powers?” Quite literally, in fact, as we first see our titular heroes assembled not by a space mentor who molds them into color-coordinated heroes, but as high school malcontents of varying dispositions who spend their Saturdays in detention. Heck, Dacre Montgomery (the new Red Ranger) even comes off like a not-a-jerk John Bender. See for yourself above.

In addition to the 80s teen movie allusions, you’ll notice your first look at Elizabeth Banks as Power Rangers arch-nemesis Rita Repulsa and a much, much darker version of the Power Rangers theme. What you won’t see, of course, is the iconic costumes (though we do see the moment just before the team finally suits up). Saban seems to be saving that reveal for a future trailer.

Directed by Dean Israelite and written by John Gatins, along with Banks and Montgomery the film stars Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Ludi Lin, Bill Hader, and Bryan Cranston. It hits theaters March 24.

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