‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’: Cast & Crew Drop New Trailer, Explain Vulgarities At NY Comic-Con

Everything comes to an end – even the end of the world. So it is that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is to be the – wait for it – final installment in the long-running film series based on the Capcom survival horror video games. But that’s a ways off. This morning, the cast and director made an appearance at New York Comic-Con for a panel discussion of the film — and to unveil the action-packed final trailer, and as a bonus for all the preppers out there, you can watch it here now.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter poster

The trailer promises that this is the end of main character Alice’s story, and based on the panel discussion that followed, it looks to be the case. On hand were stars Milla Jovovich, Eoin Macken, Ali Larter and William Levy, joined by writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson who, when asked if the title should be taken literally, said “we’re definitely taking it full circle. This is the conclusion, we’re bringing it full circle, it’s coming back to where it all began.”

Further, says Anderson, the film will address “all the questions that have been hanging over the franchise,” while promising that it will return somewhat to the franchise’s straight-horror roots. “[The film] alternates between some big kick ass action scenes and also some of the most terrifying things I’ve put on the screen in my career,” he told the crowd.

A frequent topic of conversation, particularly during the fan Q&A portion of the panel, was the very female-centric nature of the venerable action franchise, led by star Jovovich, and how important that has been to the many female fans. In talking about what it means for her to fill that role, she told the story of a girl from an unnamed country, one she says is quite oppressive to women, who found inspiration in the films. “I started tearing up when I invited her to set,” Jovovich said, adding that the girl in question was a wonderful writer and insightful fan of the series.

Jovovich also crowed a bit about the Resident Evil films’ role in the current popularity of zombie fiction. “When we did Resident Evil 1″ she said, “no one would touch a zombie. And to see how people have embraced the undead since 2001, 2002, it’s beautiful how it’s opened up.”

One highlight came later in the panel, when co-star Levy, originally from Cuba, revealed that prior to having to say the line in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, he had never heard of a common and particularly vulgar English language profanity. “I didn’t know what “blow me” means,” he insisted, and uncomfortable with saying something he didn’t understand, had to ask Jovovich and Larter about it. This prompted Anderson, who wanted to know what the hold up was, to walk over to them and shout “William! Blow me!” To this, Anderson joked that it was “some of my best direction.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hits theaters 27 January 2017. Ruby Rose, Rola, Shawn Roberts, Lee Joon-gi and Iain Glen also star.

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