Trevor Noah Blasts VP Debate: Uninformative “White Guy Argument” Minus Critical Moderator Fact Checking

Comedy Central

Veep candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence had “very different jobs heading into the debate,” The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said in his live post-debate epsiode Tuesday. “Kaine had to show he was a fun, affable personality to counter [Hillary] Clinton, who’s been cold and distant since she died six weeks ago. And Mike Pence was there to scoop up all the crap that [Donald] Trump left from the last debate. His debate was sponsored by Fabreze.”

Associated Press

Although the debate kicked off with “one of the biggest White Guy Arguments in history,” registering right up there with stepdad-versus-real dad territory, “this debate was boring as hell,” Noah said.

But “the real problem with the debate for me was not that it was boring,  it was that it was inscrutable,” Noah said. “What is point of a debate? It is supposed to inform people. What point of debate that doesn’t have any fact checking. We learned nothing.”

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