‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Finale Borders On Déjà Vu, Death & Immigration Politics


SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight’s Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 finale.

Fear The Walking Dead ended its second season tonight much like how its first season wrapped – with American military personnel firing into a crowd and the death of a major character.

However, unlike the October 4, 2015 Season 1 finale, tonight’s politically timely “North” episode saw the bullets heading not towards walkers but refugees hoping to escape the zombie apocalypse in Mexico. With immigration from America’s southern border a major issue in this year’s Presidential election, the second part of the two-part S2 finale written by showrunner Dave Erickson depicted the significance of the border in this new world in the most brutal way – psychologically and physically.


Before that, in tonight’s Part 1 “Wrath’ episode, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) had to take off on foot back to the States after her pickup breaks down and she fights off a group of walkers on the road. Eventually, climbing through a hole in the chain fence separating Mexico and America, the last we almost see of the last apparently surviving member of the Salazar family is Ofelia walking into an empty desert landscape – then she mets up with a man with a gun, played by Sons Of Anarchy alum Dayton Callie:

Still, Ofelia seems to have survived Season 2 but another wayward member of the original L.A. group did not.

At first, “Wrath” revealed that Travis’ (Cliff Curtis) deeply wayward son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) had seemingly died in a car accident while driving with the Brandon and Derek, the two arrogent American tourists he abandoned his father to travel back to the States with. Needless to say, Travis didn’t take the news well. He also didn’t feel that Chris’ death happen as he was being told. Lashing out and discovering that the two had put the injured and troubled Chris “down,” the tourists met their end at Travis’ hands tonight in his grief and rage over his son’s death. In the melee, one of hotel sanctuary residents was killed too – which had ramifications of its own for Travis and others

It was a bit of a full circle storyline as Chris’ mother Liza was killed in the finale of Season 1 by her ex-husband Curtis to stop her from turning after it was discovered she had been bitten by a walker. Her death and his father’s part in it was the beginning of Chris’ spiral that led to his apparent end tonight.

Tonight also saw in the “North” episode another more violent potential return to America by some of FearTWD’s survivors.


“Some kind of refugee camp,” said Nick (Frank Dillane) to Luciana (Danay Garcia) late in the episode as he looked through binoculars to where a helicopter was circling on the U.S. side of the abandoned car filled border. Whether or not Nick is right about the American facility will have to be reveled net year as the former junkie, his lover and the Tijuana La Colonia members hoping to escape to the North come under fire from men in what appears to be U.S. military garb. As many of the once true-believing ex-La Colonia residents are gunned down, Luciana was hit in the upper shoulder. As Nick tries to rescue her, both are kicked and attacked on the cement between Mexico and America by those coming from the North.

This is all happening as Madison (Kim Dickens) is putting a knife through the dead Alejando’s skull in front of Travis and Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey) to make sure the La Colonia leader doesn’t turn into a walker. While Nick and Luciana led the residents away, the Paul Calderon-played character stayed behind at the compound to trap the invading murderous Los Hermanos gang in the path of a swarm of walkers earlier in the multi-storyline two-part finale. Madison plus her emotionally exhausted husband and daughter, both of whom took lives in the finale, exiled themselves from the hotel sanctuary and then fled in the night without Strand (Colman Domingo) in a scene reminiscent of the “Shiva” midseason finale of May 2.


One thing tonight’s show made clear – after the L.A.-based 6-episodes of Season 1 and the sea and Mexico-set 15-episodes of Season 2, our West Coast survivors have finally realized just how much the world has changed and how much they have changed with it. “I’ll understand when you do it again, cause you will,” Madison tells an apologetic Travis over his killing of the men who killed  Chris“You’ll have to, we will have to,” she adds, reconciling with the husband who split off from her and his stepchildren to take care of the deeply troubled and threatening Chris earlier in the season.

Still, fulfilling the promise and duty of the finale of an already-renewed show, tonight’s mega-FearTWD left a lot of unanswered questions for fans. What is the fate of Nick and Luciana at the hands of the men at the border? What’s happened to Strand back at the hotel? Where’s Ofelia heading?  And what of Ofelia’s father Daniel (Rubén Blades)? Did he really die in the midseason finale?

Tell us what you think of tonight’s finale as we wait for Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead to premiere next year.

While no premiere date has been announced yet, it is more than likely that the 16-episode FearTWD Season 3 will debut in the late spring of 2017. As AMC has done in the past, that would have the spinoff wrapped up before The Walking Dead itself came back on – as will happen on October 23 this year when we find out who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed among the survivor on the East Coast-set mothershow.

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