Kate McKinnon & ‘SNL’ Go Old-School Hollywood In Gender Inequality Lampoon


Hollywood’s gender inequities took some ribbing from Saturday Night Live last night, or more accurately, Hollywood’s ultra-sincerity over injustice. In another demonstration that her recent Emmy Award win most likely won’t be her last, Kate McKinnon played an old-school MGM star named Debette Goldry (think Debbie Reynolds, with a tad of Judy Garland) who joins a New York Film Festival panel of au courant actresses to discuss the state of women in Hollywood. As Marion Cotillard (Cecily Strong), Keira Knightley (SNL host Margot Robbie) and Lupita Nyong’o (Sasheer Zamata) bemoan $5 million paychecks, McKinnon’s Debette was stuck in Hollywood’s not-so-golden age. “$5 million?,” she asks incredulously. “Wow. They used to pay me in brooches.”

Continuing – and cracking up Robbie – McKinnon waxed nostalgic about the studio days. “They forced me to marry a chimp,” she says, adding, “Turns out, OK, the chimp was homosexual, so we lived a very peaceful life together, best of friends. Then the little baboon ran off with my brooches.”

Check out the entire sketch above. And remember it when those For Your Consideration pleas come around next year.

Also last night, SNL presented a digital video knock-off on those old ’80s hot for teacher music videos. Frankly, the she’s-not-so-hot premise was funnier when Kristen Wiig used to do her breathy, Marilyn Monroe-ish walking gross-out, but Robbie gives it her all. Take a look.



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