Trevor Noah Goes After Donald Trump Over Debate Crack About Third-World Airports

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show was among several late-night programs that went live after the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but Noah’s show seemed to do it most ambitiously.

The Daily Show seemed to have the most opening material reacting to the actual debate. That included Noah’s observation, supported by debate clips, that “The only way Trump can truly relate to any issue in America is whether or not he has a property in that place.”

As had other late-night hosts, Noah went after Trump’s line that Hillary Clinton had been fighting ISIS unsuccessfully “your entire adult life” which would put Clinton in her 30’s.

He noticed that, at some point Trump “became honest and proud” as Clinton went after him over his taxes. The Democratic White House hopeful noted the few tax filings of Trump’s that are public indicate he paid no federal tax, to which he said into the microphone: “That makes me smart.”

“Dude, taxes are a responsibility, not something to evade,” Noah scolded.

But Noah became most “personally offended” when Trump’s debate talk turned the country’s airports which the candidate said “are like from a third-world country.”

“Our airports are nicer than yours, Donald Trump,” snapped Noah, who is from South Africa. “Asshole, you didn’t land in a third world country; don’t involve us in your problems.”

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