Seth Meyers: Hillary Clinton Beat Donald Trump At Debate; Hell Has Frozen Over


Hillary Clinton was the winner of the first debate with Donald Trump, NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers said during his post-debate live show, “so maybe global warming is a hoax, because hell has frozen over.”

The evening’s rigorous no-break 90-minute format was maybe the biggest test yet of Trump’s temperament – and his Aquanet,” Meyers snarked.

“So, we will just cut that one out,” Meyers joked when the joke fell flat, eliciting a bigger laugh than the actual gag.

The lot of of Meyers’ debate material, including a goodish chunk of the night’s A Closer Look segment,  appeared to have been written before the debate.

Leading up to the debate, he said, party surrogates had been playing the expectations game, including Newt Gingrich who said Clinton is a fox who knows many things you can fact check, while Trump is a “hedgehog who know one very big thing: We need change.”

“Which is an excerpt from Newt’s latest kids book, The Hedgehog Who Destroyed America,”  Meyers explained.

He cited a New York Times report saying Trump advisers saw it as a waste of time to fill Trump’s head with facts and figured in advance of the debate because their candidate gets bored with debate prep and the debates themselves. And, Meyers added, Trump’s brain is full up remembering those “seven words” including “huge,” “big,” “great,” “tremendous” and “Ivanka.”

Meyers also dinged NBC’s cable news network MSNBC for its list of things each candidate had to accomplish.

According to MSNBC, Hillary Clinton, he said, had to:

  • Sell her presidency
  • Be the Clinton who whines in a smaller crowd
  • Get those jokes off, adding levity.

Trump on the other hand, had to:

  • Stop lying
  • Show humility
  • Fill in gaps in his policy proposals.

“Her tasks look like advice you give a secretary before a job interview in 1950: Smile and let them see you’re a dynamite gal. His sounds like advice you give a murderer at a parole hearing: They need to believe you won’t kill again,” Meyers snarked.

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