Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton: Deadline Live Blogs The Debate

By Lisa de Moraes, Erik Pedersen


Trumpocalypse is upon us. Deadline is live-blogging tonight’s first 2016 presidential debate pitting petulant thin-skinned real estate mogul turned reality TV star turned GOP candidate Donald Trump, against the Democrats’ overqualified, over-rehearsed, underliked and under suspicion former Secretary of state/senator/first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The 90-minute event is expected to give the Super Bowl a run for its money, with about 100M people tuning in, in hopes the debate the debate goes small-hands low. Early indicators are good: Clinton attempted some early debate psych-out, inviting Trump reality-TV nemesis Mark Cuban to sit in the front row. Trump punched back with a promised invite to former Bill Clinton gal-pal Gennifer Flowers though sadly, his handlers walked that back. Instead,Benghazi victim family members will join Cuban in Psych-Out Row.

Now let’s get to the action as Deadline’s Lisa de Moraes and Erik Pedersen see it live:


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