Courtney Cox & Lisa Kudrow Are There For Each Other For ‘Friends’ Quiz

The Friends reunion that fans have been clamoring for since the series ended its 10-season run in 2004 is probably never going to happen (or, isn’t happening anytime soon anyway). But it’s always nice when two or more of the old gang get together, for instance when real life friends Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox appeared on Celebrity Name Game (which Cox co-executive produces) for a game of Friends trivia. You probably know how the game is played: the answers appeared on a screen about which Cox then had to give clues for Kudrow to guess them. And as it turns out, Kudrow is, largely, no Friends slouch, getting almost all of them right, missing two only because A) she got the name inverted (ugly naked guy) and B) Cox was out of time and didn’t have the chance to give a full clue (for David Schwimmer). Watch the whole thing above.

Anyway, while I’m certain most of you would have gotten all the answers correct, to be honest it doesn’t matter if Lisa Kudrow didn’t quite know all of them. After all, not only is it a “I don’t have to see it Dotty… I lived it” situation, the fact is, they’ve all been on a break for 12 years.

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