Bruce Springsteen Talks Elvis, Beatles And Trump On Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’


Bruce Springsteen visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to reminisce about being inspired to pick up a guitar by performances of Elvis and The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, in the very theater where Colbert’s show is broadcast. The rocker also credited his Catholic upbringing with influencing his work, and picked his Top 5 Springsteen songs.

Colbert interviewed “the master American troubadour of my lifetime” across all four segments of his show, coinciding with the release of Springsteen’s autobiography Born to Run covering a 50-year career that he said also was hugely impacted by his Catholic upbringing, to Colbert’s surprise.

On the eve of his Late Show appearance, Rolling Stone magazine published  an interview with Springsteen in which he called Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a “moron,” as in:

“The republic is under siege by a moron, basically. The whole thing is tragic. Without overstating it, it’s a tragedy for our democracy,” Springsteen said, when asked about the “Trump phenomenon.”

“He’s moving to the mainstream are all very dangerous ideas – white nationalism and the alt-right movement.”

Springsteen said Trump is the “price being paid for not addressing the real cost of the deindustrialization and globalization” of this country. “Trump’s thing is simple answers to very complex problems. Fallacious answers to very complex problems. And that can be very appealing.”

Colbert addressed another famous person’s take on Trump at the start of last night’s show, but not Springsteen’s:

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