Donald Trump Takes Mark Cuban’s Pre-Debate Bait; Campaign Manager Says No Trump Ticket For Gennifer Flowers

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UPDATED SUNDAY MORNING Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told George Stephanopoulos that Gennifer Flowers won’t be getting a debate ticket, at least not from Conway’s boss. “She has not been invited by the campaign,” Conway said on This Week With George Stephanopoulos. “She has a right to be there if somebody else gives her a ticket.” Asked by Stephanopoulos why Trump put out the tweet, Conway, after first sniping at Mark Cuban, said that Trump “wants to remind people that he’s a great counter-puncher.”

SATURDAY AFTERNOON GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump took Mark Cuban’s pre-debate bait today. Though Trump had previously signaled that he wouldn’t dredge up the Clintons’ marital problems during Monday’s presidential debate, he apparently doesn’t mind going there before the big face-off. Responding to Cuban’s tweeted announcement that the Shark Tank co-star (and Hillary supporter) would be in the front row at Monday’s “Humbling at Hofstra,” Trump crudely suggests a possible seatmate for Cuban. And note the dig at Cuban’s 2004 ABC reality show The Benefactor, an Apprentice rip-off forgotten by almost everyone.

Maybe Trump was still smarting from last night’s Real Time With Bill Maher. The HBO show host opened his monologue with some wisecracks about the debate, including this: “The bar for Trump is so low, it’s like being in a spelling bee with a basset hound: ‘Yeah, (Clinton) knew all the words but I like the fact that the dog knew not to s**t on the floor.” No stranger to cheap shots, Maher then added, “I still think Hillary can make this work, but of course I said the same thing about Brad and Angelina.” (HBO hasn’t made that clip available as of mid-day Saturday).

And just to keep this campaign firmly in the bizarre – and TV ratings ever more likely to reach the stratosphere – Gennifer Flowers has tweeted a response to Trump, marked with her signature lipstick kiss. Seriously. No Trump response to the response. Yet.

Then this:

PREVIOUS Shark Tank‘s Mark Cuban, who tweeted last night that he’ll have a front-row seat at this Monday’s “Humbling at Hofstra” presidential debate, isn’t the only celebrity hitting social media in anticipation of the big day. TV legend Carl Reiner sides with Hillary, Family Guy‘s Seth McFarlane boos audiences, country icon Charlie Daniels takes on the media and The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, well, you need to see his for yourself. Take a look, and we’ll update periodically as others join the pre-debate debate.

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