Hillary Clinton Gives Back To Jimmy Fallon The Softballs He Gave Donald Trump On ‘Tonight Show’

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Hillary Clinton visited Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon a week after GOP candidate Donald Trump stopped by, and mostly stuck to talking points about Trump, breaking the glass ceiling, while Fallon worked hard to wring some spontaneity from the candidate – most successfully as she sat down for the interview.

Fallon, for instance, asked Clinton to go through the bag of items GOP candidate Donald Trump left behind after his visit to the show last week, so she could pull some softballs out of the bag and hand them back to Fallon for re-use. One day earlier, Fallon defended using those softballs during Trump’s visit to his NBC late night show, explaining to TMZ after the Emmy Awards that he does not ask really tough questions of his guests.

“I am not contagious. Just for your information,” she told Fallon when he pulled out a mask and hand sanitizer, what with her having been felled on the campaign trail for a few days last week, by pneumonia or dehydration or both – it’s unclear.

“I’m used to getting up and powering through it,” she said. “Turns out, I couldn’t.”

Fallon also asked about the difficulty of modulating between Happy Hillary and the “bad-ass Hillary” people want to see on the campaign trail.

The other night, on a TV show where she asked about ISIS and Iran, “I was serious, because they’re important issues the country needs to talk about. And the Republicans were saying, ‘She looks so serious’,” Clinton complained. “Well, you don’t talk about ISIS with a big grin on your face. They’re a barbaric evil group that we have to defeat and wipe out but it is a constant balancing act,” she acknowledged.

“It’s especially tricky for women. It just is,” she said.

Fallon read letters elementary school children had written to  Clinton, suggesting ways to improve her presidential campaign, including one in which she was advised  to return to her ’90s hairstyle:


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